I’m the word person. I first picked up a pen when I was two months old and, just like then, I still don’t know what to do with one. At university I took up playwriting which turned into scriptwriting which turned into copywriting when I found out you can make money doing it. I came to SCA where I found Kat amongst the fold and, despite having next to nothing in common, we struck up a partnership. Three months later we officially became Ed ‘n’ Kat, due to available domain names. And the rest hasn’t happened yet.  
- Ed

I do the pictures.
- Kat

SCA: ‘21-’22
Fold 7:
September ‘22 - December ‘22

Lucky Generals: January ‘23 - March ‘23

VCCP: April ‘23 - July ‘23
St Lukes: July ’23  - September ‘23
Brothers and Sisters (freelance): October ‘23 - December ‘24

VCCP Blue: Jan ‘23 - This very moment :)

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Stoli @Fold 7

Ring @Lucky Generals

Verisure @Brothers & Sisters

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